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Welcome to Truthology. Here we will explore deep occult and ancient esoteric teachings, through many platforms of spirituality through out the ages. I will decode much of the spiritual doctrine and teach everyone the wisdom that comes from the heavens, in conjunction to the truths that we uncover. I hope you are ready to open your mind, and to begin awakening. Truthology is the first in a series of Illumination teachings, from the heavens, and using "earth terms" to translate. This takes hidden occult knowledge, only known to the elite throughout ancient times, and makes some of it easier to understand.

Although much of it is decoded, these wisdom teachings are still very much disguised in my own form of symbology. This course goes from the beginning of time, up until the religions and spirituality of our modern day.

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Your Instructor

Alura Cein
Alura Cein

"There was a wise man, a great artificer, and the Lord conceived love for him and received him, that he should behold the uppermost dwellings and be an eye-witness of the wise and great and inconceivable and immutable realm of God Almighty, of the very wonderful and glorious and bright and many-eyed station of the Lord's servants, and of the inaccessible throne of the Lord, and of the degrees and manifestations of the incorporeal hosts, and of the ineffable ministration of the multitude of the elements."and of the various apparition and inexpressible singing of the host of , and of the boundless light".

The Truth of living light, is written by Alura Cein. An Incarnated Angel, who was born awakened. She began channeling at the age of three, where the Creator and the Angels, have led her through out her life to take the heavenly truths she obtained from them, and find a way to define them in earth terms for everyone to understand. She has spent 30 years of life, trying to find a way to define the undefineable. She is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, visionary, with abilities in channeling and reading through the realms, the divine blueprints of creation, and many souls who are a part of it. She is also a metaphysician, Theologist, Ordained Minister of all faiths, and a Psychologist.

Having volunteered to come here to free souls from spiritual ignorance, and from the limiting confining ways of the world. She is so full of the Creator's love, that she only ever displays that Having helped thousands worldwide, find their own individual truths, here on this site, she is delivering much more. Universal truths. Not affiliated with any organization, and a small team of herself, and two others, she is a spectacular woman with exceptional skill, and wisdom. This site is dedicated by Alura, to the Creator, her best friend and true love, as well as to all of you, as you seek on your journey towards awareness, and transformation.

Truth of living light, is, the study of truth. Real truth and nothing but the truth. Where does this truth come from? A teacher, a messenger who channels it from the Source directly. There is a lot of deception out there. Earth, believed to be the center of the Universe, has passed down many so-called "hidden teachings" for eons. In them, were Universal teachings, but teachings of the Universe of Planet Earth. Many claiming to be awakened, do not understand what this truly means. There are many stages to awakening and ascension, but how did the teachers and rulers of this world expect to help people to do that, by hiding what they did know, and by teaching in symbolism? They didn't expect to. In fact, it was never their intention. In Truth of Living Light, you learn first, the teachings spiritually of earth that you need, the ones hidden for so long, and without the symbolism, and then the rest of truth, that was not given. All religions has truth, but it also has deception. In Truth of living light, you will come to see through the symbolism, and what is true, along side of the truths never revealed as well. Welcome to your Origins of Truth, exploring the light that creates this Universe, and earth..

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to share?
The Course is not allowed to be given out to others. It is an exclusive course, and protected under copyright. However, you may post about it, share quotes, as long as you attribute the author, myself. As an Angelic, this message was given to me to teach only to select few. In that, the information is currently mine, now its ours. But it should not go outside of the secret circle, except through posting and positive comments. If it is distributed, legal action will be subjected.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Currently, no refunds are available once the course starts. This is because some of the funds went towards making this easy to use platform, and towards charity donations, which most of my teaching profits go to. Give it a chance. Even if it isn't what you believe in, it has truth, and no matter your belief or background, you will be able to apply the wisdom here to enhance that in some way.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and it will last over the duration of a few months, new material being uploaded every few weeks. You will have the freedom to continue at your own pace after the material is uploaded, into March of next year.
How do I ask questions?
If you have questions, you can always email me directly. However there is an area set up for questions, as well as quizzes.
What charity did the course support?
Thank you for enrolling. You helped me to give to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital through the fund I support on my site. 30% of my daily profits are donated there or to the Animal Humane society. By spiritually educating yourself, you helped worthy causes.
Can I listen with others?
If you are at home with a partner, they may listen and the family can share in this learning experience. I only ask that links, and content from the course, not be given out to friends, or members of your extended circle. Nor online. This is a secret gathering for those who are wanting to step outside of the trends, and expand into the world of Spiritual Truths not understood to many. Again, the material is subject to copyright protection.
What does the word Truthology mean?
The suffix "ology" means "the study of". Therefore Truthology means, the study of Truth..
Is this a religion?
Even though there are many stereotypes and negative opinions on religion, the definition of religion is: a particular system of faith and worship. Truthology is bringing you into a new belief in something, so it is, in a sense a religion. You can find out more at my website,
If I am a believer in this new philosophy, as it is considered a religion.. what would I then be called?
Anyone who believes in this message, would be called a "Truthian", That is because the suffix "ian" means (relating to). Therefore, you relate to Truth!
What god does Truthology support?
Truthology supports the Source of all life. you will learn more on this as you go through the course. However, there are many beings set up in the network of light through out the spiritual planes and realms. Each has it's own ruler. Truthology supports all of them under the belief in the main director of the network under Source. That is, mother and Father Creators, as well as the Christ (anointed spirit holding all of the duality in balance). We also support the Angels.
Where does Truthology come from?
Alura Cein is an awakened Incarnated Angelic Soul, who has spoken to the creator since birth, and before, while in heaven prior to coming to earth. Her mission was to teach, lead, and unite all of the people who still believe in the Creator, but to also show them the truths hidden around them, and expand their minds. She was not taught by any other teacher but the Creator.
This is spiritual wisdom, why did it cost money?
I understand your thoughts. And I agree. however, in ancient times, prophets and messengers, even psychics were cared for, for their gifts. It is a divine privilege to be able to have access to wisdom and knowledge not otherwise known, and so people like me were revered and supported. these days, no one will do that. It is every man for himself, in the context of survival. Everything in the Universe, requires an even exchange. Here in this world, it is physical monetary value that is given. in other planes, it is something else. In knowing this, I provide a circle of light in this exchange here. People learn, I am able to survive through sharing my gifts, and for the creators help in bringing me followers, I also give in exchange, to charity. One day, I hope I will have enough donations and support, to do this for free. In all realms, there is an even exchange. Here it is monetary, thanks to the powers here. Unfortunately, we all have to survive here, and even exchange does not always work. For example, if I could not pay my rent, the landlord is not going to let me give a psychic reading. So please understand that.
Length of course
All courses are 90 days long from the day you started listening to the first audio. The system adds the date automatically for me on my end for each student as to when they listened to their first lesson in a course. After the 90 days has ended, I may allow more time for students requesting it. However, the system goes by the official cutoff date 90 days from the start, and the student may be automatically un-enrolled. If so, you will have to re-enroll (purchasing the course again) to gain entry again. My Terms and Conditions page explains the use of this site and the courses here:

In all, I hope you find the awakening that you have been seeking. I will help you through.

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